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Earn an MBA Online in One Year

In a world of rapid change, the benefits of earning an advanced degree in a short time frame may prove valuable to many working professionals. While the adage “Time is money” may first come to mind, an increasing number of prospective students find not only a financial advantage but also many other benefits to an accelerated degree program such as the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNC Pembroke).

Why Have Application Rates for Accelerated MBAs Been on the Rise?

Advanced degree programs in an accelerated, online format are indeed gaining ground in North America and globally. While the COVID-19 pandemic quickened the trend toward online learning, the accelerated, online model saw steady growth pre-pandemic and continues to increase in prevalence during the post-pandemic era.

The reasons for this growth are many, as are the benefits of remote learning and the unique advantages of accelerated programs. Accelerated degree formats can help students save both time and money, allow for more flexibility, and support rapid upward mobility in the job market.

Why Are Many Business Professionals Selecting Accelerated Degree Programs?

Some students find that less time spent earning their degree can mean:

  • Faster career advancement: If students can earn their MBA in as few as 12 months — rather than the typical two years or more sometimes required — they may pursue career and salary growth opportunities sooner, leading to a quicker return on investment (ROI) in graduate school.
  • Less disruption to family life: Students may not have to put family plans and life goals on hold when choosing a shorter time frame to complete their MBA. Family members and co-workers may appreciate the efficient structure of an accelerated online format that still offers flexibility.
  • Less expense: An accelerated online MBA can mean students spend less on tuition while still receiving the same instruction from the same instructors as on-campus students. In addition, the accelerated, online model allows students to keep working and earning a salary, avoiding common opportunity costs of attending on-campus programs — lost wages being a prime example. This is another important factor in calculating the ROI of earning an MBA.

What Does UNC Pembroke’s Accelerated Online Format Mean for Students?

When exploring options for earning an AACSB-accredited MBA online at UNC Pembroke, students may find the opportunity for an accelerated pace fits their schedule and career goals.

  • Those who already have a bachelor’s degree in business may be able to skip the four foundation courses. If so, students take just eight core courses and four elective courses, for a total of 36 credit hours.
  • Each course is seven weeks long. When students take two courses at a time — with six different start dates throughout the year — they can complete the degree program in as few as 12 months.

In today’s fast-paced culture, students with the education and skills employers value can look forward to successful outcomes and a promising economic future, evidenced by the six-figure starting salaries recruiters surveyed by GMAC plan to offer newly minted MBA grads. UNC Pembroke’s accelerated online MBA format can help graduates leverage their skills and fast-track the course of their careers.

Learn more about the UNC Pembroke online MBA program.

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