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Why Earn an MBA in Healthcare Administration?

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Administration can be beneficial in many ways. The skills and knowledge gained can prove invaluable in a variety of exciting careers merging the fields of business management and healthcare. The high demand for qualified professionals who can apply advanced business administration practices to high-level healthcare industry positions correlates with a unique blend of career mobility, job stability and earning potential.

Beyond expansive career opportunities, this type of work can be intrinsically rewarding. Healthcare administrators are positioned to play an important role in improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare for patients, communities and the industry at large. Degree programs such as the online MBA with a Concentration in Healthcare Administration program with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) prepare students to impact an array of rewarding positions combining business administration and healthcare.

What Will I Study in This Program?

The industry is seeing rapid growth and increasing complexity due to many factors rooted in the economic and organizational aspects of healthcare. These aspects are clearly within the purview of administrative bodies in healthcare organizations, particularly high-ranking individuals with advanced business skills.

Accordingly, coursework covers numerous topics in business. UNCP’s online MBA in Healthcare Administration provides a solid foundation in accounting, finance, economics and statistics. The program covers the advanced study of topics ranging from quantitative methods and organizational theory and behavior to international business and marketing.

Classes combine business skills and knowledge with an in-depth understanding of healthcare industry systems. Further courses in economics, administration, and legal and ethical issues enable students to synthesize their grasp of business practices in the context of the healthcare sector. Students in UNCP’s online program can also tailor their studies to precise career pursuits with electives in areas like entrepreneurship and business analytics.

Who Gains From Having This Type of Degree?

Working in healthcare administration requires advanced analytical skills to devise strategies that improve the organization’s function. It involves the ability to adapt to change quickly at the macro and micro levels, and to instill this flexibility in large organizational structures.

Jobs in healthcare administration work well for professionals who have the education necessary to address complex challenges. Equally important is the desire to face those challenges and have a positive effect on organizations and patient care.

Healthcare administration professionals need to be driven to succeed. They are administrators providing stability and development, consultants focusing on areas in acute need of improvement, and entrepreneurs bringing about medical advances through research and innovation.

Earning an MBA in healthcare administration through an online program gives students more flexibility to continue working while taking courses. UNCP’s online program sets graduates up for success in whatever career they choose with learning opportunities.

Benefits of Earning an MBA in Healthcare Administration

Comparatively few MBA graduates pursue careers in healthcare administration, even though growth and demand outpace most other business administration career paths. This combination of factors supports a high degree of job security and career mobility for professionals, not to mention the potential of lucrative pay.

The variety of careers may also be surprising. MBA in healthcare administration graduates possess skills and knowledge that lend themselves to a number of career paths, ranging from data analytics consultancy and startup medical tech businesses to executive positions in large-scale organizations.

Plus, effective healthcare administrators can improve the impact of the sector from the top down. Better functioning organizations provide more robust care. Entrepreneurial innovation and research mean more new technologies and treatments. Even marketing skills can drive community outreach, leading to increased access to care for traditionally underserved populations.

Navigating the business administration of healthcare is not simple. A constantly shifting industry requires business leaders who are competent, flexible and responsive. With a comprehensive education fusing the study of business and healthcare administration, graduates can enter this high-demand combination of fields equipped to be successful and effective in meeting challenges head-on.

Learn more about UNCP’s online MBA program with a Concentration in Healthcare Administration.

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