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Earn your Online MBA and Learn Analytic Software Programming

The time and effort required to compile, sort and analyze the vast amounts of data available to businesses can be overwhelming. In today’s digital world, access to data is nearly boundless, and determining which data is useful can be confusing. In business environments, there is a need for someone to analyze the data and someone to program the data so it can be analyzed. A candidate with both skills has an edge in the job market.

Additionally, a data analyst benefits from understanding and using analytic software, which is designed to automate the collection and sorting processes. This automation frees the analyst’s mind to focus on analyzing and producing results based on the insights. For this reason, understanding the use of software is key to competence and potential job growth. In UNC Pembroke’s online MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics, students learn how to use data analysis software, while also gaining knowledge of business management.

Adding Analytic Software Programming Skills Benefits You and Your Employer

Modern tools give data analysts the power to not only compile data, but to also interact with it and mine the data for insights. These tools provide a holistic view of the data and the relationship of the data to a business’s customers, processes or industry. Analysts can tailor how the data is displayed, which allows a more fine-tuned approach to analysis, all through the use of programs like Python.

Courses in the UNCP MBA program teach students how to upload, manage, manipulate, debug and structure data through programming with Python. Adding analytic software programming skills to your resume widens your options for career advancement. You can go from being a data analyst to choosing from the roles of Big Data Specialist, Big Data/Data Engineer, or Data Analyst Consultant.

Data analysis in conjunction with programming gives you a seat at the decision-making table in roles with greater earning potential.

The Added Benefit of Management Skills

An MBA with a concentration in business analytics is attractive because it positions students for leadership roles. If you are a skilled data analyst already, the addition of programming to your skill set can boost your value. Adding in managerial skills and business know-how help your resume stand out even more.

With the skills and knowledge gained in an MBA program, students start out ahead of the curve with the resources they need to ascend the corporate ladder. In addition to gaining analytics skills, you will also learn the inner workings of a successful business, from finance to marketing, and gain knowledge of managerial decision-making.

The potent blend of analytics skills, programming knowledge and business expertise you’ll gain in an analytics-focused MBA program can help you stand out to companies that seek capable, data-driven decision-makers for leadership roles.

Learn more about the UNC Pembroke online MBA program with a Concentration in Business Analytics.


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