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What Is an MBA in Financial Services?

In today’s competitive market, choosing between an MBA with a concentration in Financial Services and an MBA in Finance can be a difficult task. Both tracks offer a variety of benefits, including the potential to earn more money and move up the corporate ladder.

An MBA with a concentration in Financial Services offers a more comprehensive study of business and operations. It also adds the skills needed for service positions in the finance field, such as portfolio manager or CFO. An MBA in Finance degree hones in on the world of numbers including mathematics, investment and financial reporting, but it might not be as versatile as the former.

An online MBA with a concentration in Financial Services from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke gives students a business education with the added benefit of financial specialization.

The Differences Between an MBA With a Concentration in Financial Services and an MBA in Finance

Much like an MBA in Finance, an MBA with a concentration in Financial Services exposes students to the interdependencies of finance and business. In fact, there is significant curriculum overlap. Students who choose either concentration will learn the foundations of finance as well as advanced accounting. One important thing to consider though, is that an MBA in Finance typically concentrates heavily on finance as a business structure, while an MBA in Financial Services explores many facets of business including marketing, international business and entrepreneurship.

An MBA with a concentration in Financial Services is better suited for the student who is interested in the broader field of business management but also wants to understand the application of finance within the corporate realm. An MBA in Finance, on the other hand, prepares a student for a career with a finance-specific track like investment banking.

Courses Included in an MBA With a Concentration in Financial Services

As with a traditional MBA, students will study a range of foundational subjects in marketing, finance and micro/macroeconomics. These courses are intended to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of all facets of management. The core curriculum also includes courses designed to help students become competent and knowledgeable leaders in the business world — an MBA staple.

To satisfy the requirements for the Financial Services component of the degree, students take two of three electives. The three courses students choose from are Personal Financial Planning, Behavioral Finance, and Investment Analysis. The choice gives students autonomy over the financial track in their MBA studies. Behavioral Finance and Investment Analysis both illuminate the world of investment and fiscal behavior within the world of business, while Personal Financial Planning takes a more individualized approach, teaching students how to reach personal goals.

The Benefits of an MBA With a Concentration in Financial Services

In short, an MBA with a concentration in Financial Services gives students the opportunity to study the areas of finance they find interesting while keeping the foundational business components of a traditional MBA intact. This particular degree is well suited for students who might not have a financial background but want to expand their knowledge in the field.

Additionally, the exhaustive curriculum of a general MBA combined with an understanding of the financial services concentration opens up employment opportunities outside the realm of banking and investment. Simultaneously, the concentration sets applicants apart from those who hold a general MBA while also presenting a more well-rounded alternative to an MBA in Finance.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to set oneself apart from other managerial candidates who also possess an MBA, but a Financial Services concentration offers one way to stand out. Likewise, having financial knowledge is important for all business professionals, regardless of specialization. This particular degree track offers valuable knowledge and a way to differentiate oneself from the competition in the workforce.

Learn more about the UNC Pembroke online MBA program with a Concentration in Financial Services.

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